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    Man, fuck that Urat guy, amirite?

    It's been awhile, hasn't it?

    Like, jesus, 10 years? Wow.

    I don't even go by Urat anymore, but when I was flipping through some old bookmarks, I was shocked to discover that not only is QCDN still up and running and maintained, but that all my shitposts from back in the day were still here.

    So I took a trip down memory lane and wow. Jesus.

    I was a complete and utter tool. Like straight up wow, if I met the teenager version of myself, I'd punch them in the face, what a little knuckle dragging simian of a fuck my little teen ass was, fuck that Urat guy.

    I'm still playing FFXI now, but I left for Asura, which is a right proper dumpster fire where I belong, but it has a certain charm to it you know? Could do with less RMT spam 24/7 in yell chat all day though but hey, thats how it goes.

    I guess I wanted to write this post here and flame my past self because, lets be real, I absolutely deserved it haha. I was an idiot, I am completely aware of that, I cringed physically, like really literally cringed in my office chair as I browsed some of my old posts.

    Though, I still hold the opinion that SE's delivery of the ??? Items was poorly executed and had weak optics, to this day

    Man I remember a couple years back, I wanna say 2018, I met some random dude at <Local big nerd convention> and I discovered that he played FFXI a fair bit, and we got to chatting, and the topic came up and he asked for my char name, and I mentioned I wasnt playing at the time (took a break in 2018), but when I mentioned my name I used to go by (Urat), his eyes widened and his eyebrows shot up, and he said, "Like... the Urat? From Quetz?" and I had to dryly chuckle and be like, "Yeahhhhh... I was a literal kid and about as big of a moron as comes with that territory. I did and said a lot of shit I regret."

    He admitted I looked absolutely nothing like what he expected, haha.

    Anywho, I guess a big thing I want to say is, I honestly kind of am thankful for all the flack and flame I got back in the day, like I was an idiot and I deserved to be called out for it, and I think honestly if folks here hadn't had all that open discourse towards me, I would have continued traipsing down life without a care for the impact my actions have on others (You know, like a teenager), it kind of made me come to grip with the whole "Actions have consequences you moron" thing pretty early, and I like to think that kind of played one of the roles in my life that shaped me into a functional adult later on.

    So I guess, thanks? And I kind of miss it, you know? The rivalry, the red hot emotions, the tense times, the chill times, how every little thing could be A Big Thing, how shit like botting used to matter to folks, etc.

    Now the game is mostly bots with players wading past them, everything is automated, and its kind of just a total different vibe. Not necessarily a bad one but just... different?

    And that means its truly impossible to ever recapture that snapshot of how things used to be. Like we can look back at it, but it's kind of now just a virtual image of how things actually were. You can read those old posts of angry nerds swearing at each other and go "I remember that happening" but the feelings you felt when you read/wrote them, those feelings are all faded and covered in dust now, sunbleached from years of being left out.

    I don't think any other game will ever quite capture that extremely specific vibe oldschool FFXI had, you know? Like it was something very niche and concrete. I've played a LOT of various games since then and nothing has ever come close.

    Anywho, thanks for reading, I hope everyone out there is doing okay in these... really interesting 2020 times.

    Here's a quote from Danny Schmidt's "Man of Many Moons" I really dig and have tried to keep true to for awhile now...

    "Words are risky cause they last so long. They’re like statues in a storm"

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    Re: Man, fuck that Urat guy, amirite?

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