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    Those GLD out there

    How exactly are you customizing your GLD? I am just curious as to what spells/JA you are equipping vs what stats your are beefing up.

    I myself am putting most of my stats into STR and VIT and a few into MND to beef up my magic resistence.

    Cure/Sentinel/Phalanx/lotusblade are my friends so far as a lvl 13.

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    Re: Those GLD out there

    Not that I'm playing often. But I was hoping to make a more DD type of Gladiator and so my points are going into mostly Str and Dex, with a good share into Vitality. Because I'm going to be a DD anyway no matter what I play, I placed my stats that way so any DD job I'm on will get the benefits. I'm also putting a thin spread into my magic related stats as well so I don't completely suck when casting. I say this, because I will make a freaking Dark Knight out of my character one way or another.

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    Re: Those GLD out there

    I've trying to make my GLD all about tanking. I'm 21 now with vit somewhere around the mid 70s, I think the cap at 21 is around 80 vit or so. I'd make it higher, but I didn't want to ignore my other stats, especially mnd (for max mp as well as magic defense) and str, and to a lesser degree int and dex. And when I say tanking, I more specifically mean a PLD style tank. I have cure/regen abilities on hand for solo or tanking. I'd take more points from int of course, but I do have interests in thau and alch so I can't ignore it.

    I especially love my shield. I use shield bash and aegis boon often, and phalanx to a lesser extent (more so when soloing do I use it). I've found having only one form of provoke has been fine, but if I needed more I do have the PUG voke available also.

    I got MRD to 10 for defender if I need it, but I might not depending on the situation.

    If I do need to participate or have the chance to do so without any major consequence, then I love the 20 skill Onion cut or slash or w/e it's called.
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