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  1. MMOs and Gaming, Part the Seventh

    If Disney can start the Star Wars franchise up again, then by Mecha-Thor so can I.

    Well, not Star Wars, but you get the idea.

    I find it strangely entertaining that of the MMOs I've looked at recently, the one that interested me most from an overarching design perspective does not exist.

    Leaving aside the whole cliche "if you die in the game you die for real" aspect of Sword Art Online, and the neural interface virtual reality fantasy, the ...
  2. So hi

    Soooo yea this place has changed a ton the past few years. Checked an old email account and had notifications. . . Figured I'd see what was going on. So hi anyone who reads this and might remember my crazy drama starting self.
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  3. Well I'm back. . . .

    Somehow I've let myself be conned back into playing this huge time sink. I think it has something to do with being divorced and wrangling up some spare time. I lost my excuse not to play.

    The patches are taking forever, I really want to log in and chat for a little while since work is going slow today, but the work network is absolutely god awful, making my download of every patch since the beginning of time take forever, down to 12,900 files left... but it's taking almost an hour to ...
  4. Branching Out

    So I started a new blog out there in the "real world".

    Shambling Towards Bethlehem.

    If you go there, you'll see some familiar things that I put up when I was starting out and needed to pad the site with posts a bit, but about half of it is new material at this point.

    I think.

    And pretty much all of it from here on out will be new material. Probably less on the gaming side of things though, to be honest. And I might revisit ...
  5. So today I totally lost my shit.


    See, I've got a panic disorder. It's weird, it's linked to social anxiety, etc, and once it starts it's almost impossible to put that particular genie back in the bottle.

    Which is the task I'm now faced with.

    Today, during a lesson, I freaked out. Had to leave the room, nearly lost my lunch which was the only food I'd eaten since the previous day's lunch since I'm generally too riddled with anxiety to eat over the last week or so, and while I managed ...
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