Had to post this as a final farewell to a message board not posted in for many years. For people who had either been mentioned here, or deserved to be on it., and I never had the guts to call them out. These were things I should have spoken about 15 odd years ago, but never did.

Cathrya: Formerly of StryderKnights. Her and Mateo left that LS and joined ours for quite a few years. Cathrya definitely deserved a place here on the flame-board and I was shocked when I read her past exploits. She was one of the kinder souls on our own LS, but I could tell she would bite back if anyone crossed her.

Parnthelegend: The lvl 70 PLD back when there were not many level 70’s. Famous on the server and known for helping all those around. He joined our shell for such a short time and caused such a wake of damage of demanding we kick folks out he didn’t like. It still sticks in my mind that I had to mistype /tells to LS chat just to let people know you were threatening me.

Razuken: You were family to Machina, but wow… I think you placed 2nd of all the people on the LS for causing drama. So many times we had to kick you out. So many times you came back. So many lost hours of playtime I had having to deal with /tells of what a butt you were being. We still loved you though.

Thunderousabyss: Joined our shell as a brand new player. Asked for all the help in the world, and we did it… countless hours. You complained when you could not get help right away. You promised to pay it forward but left us for an endgame LS the moment you could. With how many hours you played a day, no one believed you were a doctor.

Windaria: From the Zam forums to QCDN you started with a chip on your shoulder. I already knew your name well when I saw you were on our LS. I cringed when I thought about what havoc you would raise. I knew you would not last long.

Macent: You were friends with Mateo when you joined our LS and I always thought you were a nice standup guy. Why then did you try to do a hostile takeover of the whole shell? We sorted it out, and you stayed, but I always wanted to know what was going through your head. Who does that?!