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Thread: Nostalgia

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    I admit that I was never really active on these boards back even when I did play. But like it seems so many people have been over the years, I'm also surprised and happy to at least see this place is still around after all these years. And like many before me, I've been having that itch to jump back into this. I guess watching other people stream/play the game can have that effect.

    I did play FFXIV for a bit, but as good as that was, it just wasn't the same.

    I've also been reading about that private server version of FFXI. Anyone have any experience with that?

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    Re: Nostalgia

    I had to look up the private server thing you mentioned – very interesting. The level of customization probably helps make it worthwhile for some people to return to the game, but I’m curious: if you start playing again, what are you hoping to find?

    I ask, because I also get that itch now and then. I reminisce on my time in FFXI and remember all the fun I had … all of the adventures, quests, and new experiences that I shared with friends and strangers alike. These were great times and the thought of experiencing these things again is what makes me consider returning. However, I know that if I went back to FFXI, I would not be returning to the game that I left nearly ten years ago.

    My friends have retired, my ZNM group has disbanded, and my linkshells have surely dissolved. From what I understand the mechanics of the game have also changed, making things easier on players. Odd as it may sound, a majority of my fondest memories are of overcoming the hardest challenges the game presented. I would sometimes help people out with the pre-nerf versions of CoP 2-5 and 6-4 just for fun. I had a great time managing the aforementioned ZNM group, but it was managing it with friends that made it worthwhile.

    I say this all to illustrate why I know my days with FFXI are in the past. But maybe you’re looking for something different than what you experienced before? Maybe you want to forge new friendships and seek out new experiences? Consider these questions - if your answer to both is “yes”, then I’d suggest looking into these private servers, provided you have the amount of free time one needs for games like this. If the answer to either one is “no”, then it might be best to continue looking back fondly through the rosy lens of nostalgia.
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