Bleh, no edit so here goes another.

I could see the game, a few years from now, when it's dead possibly opening up as free-to-play with some ridiculously pay-to-win scheme. This'll be when the game is pretty much dead save for maybe a single servers worth of people. At that point though, they have to weigh the option of do they want to end the game with class and dignity, or milk it. Hard to say what they'd go with, people will remember this move in their future online games, and whether they were there for the end or not, will hold it against them, as they should. Another option, and the most likely, I see them shutting the game down and making the source public, this use to happen a lot with PC games. This would allow people to set up private servers, very good, stable ones. Personally I'd set-up a single-player like server out of the game and have a blast playing through it like a normal game.