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    First NFL game live!

    Earlier this week I surprised my boyfriend with playoff tickets for the NFC Packers vs Eagles game. He is a die hard Packer fan and I sided with the team after a tour of Lambeau Field and much convincing from my boyfriend. After Green Bay beat Chicago last week I thought it would be a great opportunity to catch a game live in Philly. (We only live 30 miles away from the field)

    Put on my number 85 jersey (would rather have that sexy 52 but can't find it anywhere!), bundled up and had dark green warpaint on my cheeks. I was ready. We had a blast! We froze our butts off, cheered quietly so as to not make the Philadelphia fans angry with hate and enjoyed the game live. The fact that our team won was icing on the cake!

    I had a great time and would go again. Err... probably not in January though
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