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Well I'm back. . . .

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Somehow I've let myself be conned back into playing this huge time sink. I think it has something to do with being divorced and wrangling up some spare time. I lost my excuse not to play.

The patches are taking forever, I really want to log in and chat for a little while since work is going slow today, but the work network is absolutely god awful, making my download of every patch since the beginning of time take forever, down to 12,900 files left... but it's taking almost an hour to do every 1000 files.. it's looking like it will be here updating until I come back in to work tomorrow which is absolutely ridiculous, I guess that's what I get for trying to update overnight at work so I could hopefully log in today, and I'll be damned if I start it over at only 4,000 files by the time i actually get to leave work.

Going to go buy the Abyssea expansion either tonight or tomorrow night after work, I'm hoping to be 99 on my ninja by Sunday, and from what I hear that's very feasible! I know I want my dark knight and ninja to 99, but I'm not sure if I want to level pld or war next, I don't really know what's useful in any of the game anymore, I think I'll be more of a social presence this time around since I still need to be getting all my jobs and gear up to par again before I try to do much of anything endgame.

On the bright side, I hear that making money is hella easy these days which is good news!

Well that sums up my first QCDN blog post, have a great day Quetz.

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  1. Isomiau -
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    my NINJAH!
  2. Blazeoffury -
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    Mah KittyCat!
  3. Isomiau -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazeoffury
    Mah KittyCat!
  4. Blazeoffury -
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    Hows life kitty cat?
  5. Isomiau -
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    Never bett errr muh G♡