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  1. Any serious suggestions would be helpful. I'm lost =(

    I have a problem... Cheeba is back to pissing on our couch. Each time he does I soak it down with white vinegar and scrub it with laundry soap. But he keeps doing it. 2x this week, a few weeks back.. and so on. I don't know what to do. Not only is it gross, grossing me out, but the fact that I have Abby running around and as babies do, she sometimes does weird shit like lick the arm of chairs and the thought of her licking the couch just aggravates me beyond reason.

    There's ...
  2. I think it's time for a change. (tech heads may be interested)

    I've had more than my fair share with consumer frustrations. Now at a crossroads as to whether I should cancel these outlets and start anew.

    There are 2 major companies here for me to choose my cable/internet services from, Rogers & Bell. If any of you reading this has read some older blogs you may remember the hell that was my Bell experience. So I switched.

    3 years ago I had Rogers services installed. In those 3 years I've had 14 or more technicians visit my ...

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  3. How Did You Get So Fugly

    I c & p'd this from FB. Shut up I can duel post if I want!!

    I know I've had this conversation with some friends on here before. But it's always fun to re-tell and share the stories.

    So maybe I would be considered a cluts. But I tend to lean towards fearless child. Aren't we all.

    I ran through the number of accidents, major and minor, through-out my life so far. The number is pretty impressive. The details sometimes gross, often funny. ...
  4. Yet another consumer complaint from the Cheebs

    Well unfortunately it seems each time I decide to make a semi large purchase, I get fucked around. Pardon the expression, needless to say I'm disappointed yet again.

    All the details are in the email I sent to each email address provided on their contact page. Wonder how long it'll take now to get a response... wouldn't be surprise if they closed shop after scamming a number of new parents :|

    here's my oh so nice email. Honey... Bees... to hell with kindness at this ...
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