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After a few months of contemplation, Iíve decided to retire from QCDN/EOSUN.

For months, Iíve been trying to contact Reeve about the forum issues with no responses, even though my log shows that heís been visiting the site. Iíve been trying to get missing posts restored to you guys since, I want to say march? and have not heard anything. The last time he actually spoke to me was when Miros quit.

I respect what he has done for the Quetzalcoatl community over the years, paying out of pocket for us to have a place to stay and chat. But when someone is left in charge of your site, and you donít reply to them about important issues, or even acknowledge them, that doesnít sit well with me. I think anyone would feel like theyíve been had in a situation like that.

I sent my resignation a month ago, and have not heard back about that either. Itís caused enough unwanted anxiety to where I feel like I need to be selfish and do what is best for me.

So with that, Iíll still be kind and stay until November first. If anyone would like to be moderator, possibly admin, I ask you to try and PM Reeve and inquire about it. If we donít hear back, I donít know what to suggest.

All banners, designs ect are free to stay here as long as they are still wanted!

Much love for everyone, Itís been a great run. I'll still be in game if any of you still play FFXI!
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