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Branching Out

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So I started a new blog out there in the "real world".

Shambling Towards Bethlehem.

If you go there, you'll see some familiar things that I put up when I was starting out and needed to pad the site with posts a bit, but about half of it is new material at this point.

I think.

And pretty much all of it from here on out will be new material. Probably less on the gaming side of things though, to be honest. And I might revisit old material in a new post, so if it seems familiar but doesn't exactly match up with what I posted here, you'll know what happened.

I'm starting to learn the magic of tags when it comes to Wordpress blogs, and the vast difference it makes when you just spam the hell out of them on something, so long as the tags are at least vaguely relevant. I guess people pay more attention to those things than I ever did, lol.
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  1. Isomiau -
    Isomiau's Avatar
    i just read "everything you knew" i enjoyed it...