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Student Teaching...

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So I haven't written anything here in a while, largely because I really didn't have too much time during my last semester, and I've mostly been trying to relax so far this summer. Nothing stressful, since in the fall...

Student Teaching.

It's... pretty terrifying, to be honest.

I hate being observed, and student teaching is all about observation. While in theory I get to ease into things, slowly transitioning from being essentially the teacher's helper to being the teacher, and then back again, it's one of those situations that people like me tend to view with much the same trepidation as you would, say, amputation without anesthesia.

I'm going to be thrust into a situation where I've got functionally no control over anything, yet am being judged on all my actions. The position of the student teacher, even when they're supposed to be in charge of the classroom, is tenuous at best. Essentially, your role is whatever your mentor teacher says it is, and while I might get lucky and get someone easy to work with, it's just as likely that I'll wind up with someone who is just looking to log their required hours of professional development.

While I understand the idea of giving mentor teachers some tangible benefits beyond the acquisition of what is inherently a slave laborer for twelve weeks, I have to wonder if the policy of giving those professional development hours is really a good idea. In several of my observational placements, I got stuck with a teacher who was really just taking an easy way out. Rather than attend seminars, or take classes, they'd just agree to have a student placed in their class and get a few hours toward their needs, and some of them were clearly disinterested in the actual "mentor" part of the equation.

One of them basically just told me to sit in a desk and take quiet notes.

Mostly I'm trying not to think too much about what's gonna happen in August, lol. Enjoy my time off while I can, relax as much as possible, and go into the situation rested and calm.

Oh, and I have to go buy an entirely new wardrobe. Before I quit my job, since I can't work and student teach at the same time with any real expectation of success, since the student teaching is a full-time job, with attached classes.


Did I mention I'm partially color blind?

I hate shopping for clothes. So very much.

I also hate that apparently every classroom I've ever been in feels compelled to set the thermostat somewhere between "uncomfortably warm" and "hinges of Hell", and I'm expected to wear a long-sleeve button down shirt.
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