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Any serious suggestions would be helpful. I'm lost =(

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I have a problem... Cheeba is back to pissing on our couch. Each time he does I soak it down with white vinegar and scrub it with laundry soap. But he keeps doing it. 2x this week, a few weeks back.. and so on. I don't know what to do. Not only is it gross, grossing me out, but the fact that I have Abby running around and as babies do, she sometimes does weird shit like lick the arm of chairs and the thought of her licking the couch just aggravates me beyond reason.

There's that, then there's the fact that I now seem to have a nose like a dog, ever since I got pregnant and my sense of smell heightened, it's still super sensitive and ALL I can smell is cat piss. I can't sit down without getting whiffs of it then the anger just flares in me again. But I'm also now very, disappointed is an understatement, I don't "hate" my cat.. but it's coming close and that just reeeeeally saddens me. I don't want to hate my animals, but I want him to stop pissing for 1. And to stop humping and spewing his JIZ OVER MY ARMCHAIR!!!

He humps the chair, he'll hump your sweater, socks, gloves, hat, blankets or anything he can within a small window of time, we can't have anything out for more than 5 minutes if we turn our backs. I don't know what to do.. I really don't. Brad doesn't want to get rid of them.. but I'm just becoming more and more resentful... resentful of my cat. Really.. could it be any sadder.

I took him to the vet when he started spraying (4 -5 years after being fixed and having never sprayed), told the vet about his humping and such, he prescribed some hormonal drugs for Kyro (as he assumed if he acts like the alpha it's him doing the spraying), so I gave it to Cheeba anyway, sorry but I know my animals and I know who's doing what. Didn't help. I know a lot of this has to do with a few things, Kyro coming into the picture after him being the only cat (and male) for a few years AND mommy getting pregnant and having a baby of her own. But still, I'm fed up and I just don't know what to do anymore. These 'new' couches are destroyed, gross, stinky and destroyed.

Honestly, I feel if we had a house, somewhere I could let him outside to do the things cats need to do, we wouldn't have these problems. But we can't, we live in a 2 bdrm apt and have to limit ever their balcony access. It's mean.
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  1. Raesvelg -
    Raesvelg's Avatar
    They do make some specialized enzyme-based sprays for urine removal. Aside from that, I don't really know what to tell you; I've always had dogs, never cats.

    IIRC, the idea with the enzyme sprays is that they do a more thorough job of neutralizing the odors and whatnot than you can do otherwise. Because if you can smell it, your cat certainly can. They don't seem to do much for stains though; I suppose a more conventional wet vac/warm water/soap approach works better there.
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  2. Morcheeba -
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    Yea stains aren't an issue, dark furniture. And I use Ivory laundry detergent because it does have natural enzymes, it could just be me, but I can smell it through the vinegar and soap. =(

    It's more the behavior I need correcting. There's only so much I can change to accommodate his 'needs', but his pissed off moods need to change. Otherwise I'll have no option but to opt out of animals while my rugrat is young. Having kids changes sooo much, I've become way to aware of filth/dirt etc.
  3. Raesvelg -
    Raesvelg's Avatar
    Yeah, I've no idea how one trains a cat. Dogs are inherently more social animals, and while they occasionally do the "bold statement of displeasure" thing, they generally care more if you get pissed off at them for it lol.

    Do they have a Cat Wheesperer?
  4. Morcheeba -
    Morcheeba's Avatar
    idk lol, it would be damn helpful if they did. I've done far more reading than I'd had liked and still am at a loss to how to approach it.

    I've considered crating him everytime we leave. But again, being cats I just think that's plain mean. And even though he has shown training abilities, we taught him to fetch easily enough, I'm not sure if he could connect being bad to being crated and use it as a punishment tactic. It works with dogs, but yea, I have a cat who's moody.